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5 mai 2018

About World Roma Federation.

The Federal Central Council Deutscher Romm shows that the so-called World Roma Federation, headquartered in New York USA, has made a punishable offense against the people of the world, where it misappropriated money that was to benefit greatly in the run-up to feeding poor world This embezzlement and fake false facts is an international romm committee appointed to find out where this money came from who has applied for this money and for what purpose it should serve until further notice is the responsibility of the association's board and the separate romm committee It has also been indicated that the first thing to do is to consult the witnesses who are former members as founders with acted names in this section are not yet mentioned the interrogation by the romm committee will take place here in the next 6 weeks We the board of the World Roma Federation time to prepare n in order to answer any questions of the panel in detail we also note that the Federal Central Council of German romm would like to conduct a separate survey and the Board these days via Facebook to the Chairman and the leadership of the Association reserves to question them as a federal Central Council it is the international law that this questioning can take place where the Vice President and believes to be right and there is a public interest, the Federal Central Council provides that this questioning is best to settle on Facebook Best regards P.Grabowski 2 Chairwoman of the Federation Central Council Deutscher Romm Headquarters Cologne Germany Member of the European Union Umbrella Organization Nation of Roma Headquarters Denhag Netherlands registered in the body of European roma Seat Brussels Legitimation nr 153689bzdr146

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